L ^ v F v v $" - j G V6 = $" $" $" 2G $" $" $" ^ D D D D v $" $" $" $" $" $" $" $" $" | X : ALABAMA DIXIE YOUTH BASEBALL CONSTITUTION & BY-LAWS (FEBRUARY 2022) CONSTITUTION ARTICLE I - Name: This organization shall be known as Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball. In baseball, there are three Dixie Youth AAA (9-10) sub-district tournaments, three Dixie Youth Major. If the State Director uses his/her cell phone to conduct Alabama Dixie Youth Business, Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball will reimburse the State Director $50.00 per month (Not to exceed $600.00 per year) for the expense. All payments are contingent on State funds being available. A minimum of two umpires will be used in every game of state tournament play. Please, no play-by-play. Since no one except players, coaches and officials will be allowed on the field of play during the playing of the games, the Host must make available a secured area for press, media, and professional photographers for their coverage of the games. . The Host League shall plan and promote a non-denominational church service on Sunday morning for all the people in the tournament who choose to attend. Misconduct of any kind believed to be detrimental to the good name of Dixie Youth Baseball in Alabama will not be tolerated. For safety and insurance reasons, this rule should be strictly enforced. Other than the above-mentioned fees all other monies collected by the host (gate, concessions, etc.) News . Each team is responsible for securing its lodging facilities. or. 3rd place teams to get to the 16-team Tournament. Tennis. The bid and the scholarship donation will be submitted to the State Director. ARTICLE VIII Amendments: (A) The Constitution may be amended at any meeting by an affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the votes cast, provided the proposed change shall have been sent in writing or by electronic submittal to the Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball Board of Directors, and proper notification given of the time, place, and date of the meeting at least ten (10) days before the meeting takes place. The Host League must provide team parents to serve as hosts to each competing team. The Ceremony will be scheduled to begin before the beginning of play on Day 1 of the tournament and will be held at the game fields unless the Tournament Director grants prior approval. The State Representative(s) are classified as Advisory liaisons* that do not count toward meeting voting or quorum requirements. The Host must furnish plastic trophy ball containers for these special baseballs. The maximum bid for a 6U state tournament is $5,000.00. system for each game field. Any franchised league that participated in Rookie Tournament play in the previous tournament season shall be eligible to bid on the Rookie State Tournaments. The host is responsible for supplying a DYB medallion for each player and coach participating in the tournaments. Vann Saltz was elected in 2014, Jack Fillingham elected in 2019, Charlie Bell elected in 2020 ARTICLE VII - The Annual Meeting: (A) The Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors should be held at least ten (10) days before the date of the State Conference. Site Links. Each member entitled to a vote shall be notified by certified mail or email at least seven (7) days before the date of such special meetings. Remember, this group of players may never play in another State Tournament, so they deserve the very best during what may be their only experience at the State level of participation. The host should have a contingency plan in place should an additional set of runner-up trophies be needed. 32Y-HR - Home Run Pin. The Host may disseminate the State Tournament Information Packet electronically. The State Director will appoint a member of the State Board of Directors to assist the Tournament Director of each State Tournament. The game fields shall not be made available for any State Tournament team practice. The Host shall provide ample parking space near the park for the anticipated attendees at no additional charge to include VIP parking for the tournament workers, team managers, umpires, Dixie Youth Officials, and special guests. The per diem (meals) for Dixie Officials, Coaches, Umpires and their significant others, teams, and parents are not the responsibility of the Host. Each District Director may, upon the approval of the leagues, select a person to serve as District Secretary, with the duties of the Secretary to be assigned by the District Director. . The State Statistician will provide a guide for handling press box operations including instructions to the Host announcers and official scorers, pre-game schedules, approved announcements, and scripts for the elimination and closing ceremonies on the fields. 3) Multi-league franchises cannot field a Rookie Tournament team using players from different leagues. All elected District Directors will take office per the current edition of the Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc. Each Alabama umpire that officiates in the Dixie Youth Baseball World Series shall receive up to $300.00 from the UTP account to help defray his/her expenses, contingent on the availability of funds as determined by the Administrator. DISTRICT 5 DIRECTOR - JOEL FALKOWSKI, P. O. Player introductions before the start of every game. Umpires must be on time and will report to the field when the announcement is made for the visiting team to start infield practice. The two bracket winners will play a two out of three playoffs to determine the State Championship. The Secretary may be assigned other duties as directed by the State Director. The procedures for the pre-game and post-game introduction of participants can be found in a separate document titled Alabama Dixie Youth State Tournament Operating Instructions. All press box workers (scorekeepers, scoreboard operators, announcers, statisticians, and others who will be working in the press box) shall be required to attend this meeting. Upon request of three members of the Board of Directors, the State Director or Senior National Board member to hear the problem at hand will call a meeting of the Board of Directors. system must be audible to those participating in and attending, the games. Additional awards will be presented in increments of five years. If the District Director does not schedule the election as required, it will be conducted at that districts credentials meeting. Regular price $10 00 $10.00. No umpire shall officiate in any State Tournament game(s) if he/she has not attended this meeting. The Tournament Director may suspend the team manager of a team for the next game played by their team for failing to participate as required. Expenses of the Alabama State Director, National Directors, Assistant State Director, Deputy State Director(s), State Secretary, and State Statisticians, when properly receipted and approved by the State Director, will be reimbursed from the state treasury. Failure to do so may result in their teams photograph not being printed in the program. Baseball & Softball for 5-13 year old children. . The Host shall provide motel rooms for each umpire who resides more than 60 miles from the host site, provided the individual requests housing. If such services are provided the intent of services will be announced during the credential meeting. The Host(s) shall provide a satisfactory P.A. Sunday's schedule starts at 2 p.m. with other games scheduled for 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. Monday's schedule has games at 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The winning teams will be given a check from the state treasury if funds are available. Failure to abide by all curfews, regulations, etc., can be grounds for removal from the tournament of an individual or team by the Tournament Director subject to the approval of the State Director. The winner of that series will advance as the State Champion and the loser will advance as the State Runner-up. Any broadcast of the games via the internet, radio, or television must have the written consent of Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball. The Coordinator(s) will work under the direction of the State Director, or his/her designee, and the Tournament Director. As Host Parents, they should meet the assigned team when the team arrives for tournament play and Host parents should be available to assist in any way needed. APPENDIX H A 6U State Tournament(s) Procedures & Requirements Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball will offer State Tournament level tournament play in the A 6U Coach pitch division in 2016. Box 242015, Montgomery, Alabama 36124. Qualified adult Press Box Director, announcers, scoreboard operators, scorers, and P.A. The Host shall, as a minimum, provide water and soft drinks throughout the games to the Press Box workers and the Umpires. However, at the State Tournaments, players who were selected for their leagues tournament team and shown on the tournament team roster and then replaced because of medical or injury reasons will be allowed to participate with the team during Opening and Closing Ceremonies and Opening Play Introductions for their team and will be entitled to receive a Certificate and Medallion of participation. (See Appendix C, D, and F for Medallions and Trophies sizes for each age group. These areas must be located out of the field of play. By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Drew Daws. They were as follows: The late Ann Bradford of Minor Heights, George . Suitable approved music shall be provided for the tournament(s). All tournament play is subject to doubling up when possible. If any of the designated parking areas are not within a reasonable walking distance, the Host will provide shuttle service to and from the park. The Coordinator(s) will work under the direction of the State Director, or his/her designee, and the Tournament Director. Such meetings shall be called by the incumbent director and each league entitled to vote shall be notified of the election meeting at least ten (10) days before the scheduled day of the meeting. The Host shall supply official DYB baseballs bearing the signature of the Commissioner. Umpires will work in coordination with the Dixie Youth Baseball State Board Umpiring Committee (SBUC) and the designated Umpire Coordinator on scheduling and other administrative details. Andy Anders. The District Director will classify each applicant as Primary or Alternate. Phone: Cell (334) 207-3181, Email: [email protected] DISTRICT 5 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - DANNY MARTIN , 1078 Autumn Ridge Road, Montgomery, Alabama 36117. The duration of this meeting is expected to be less than one and one half (1 ) hours. 6U South, AA, AAA, Majors, and/or O-zone, Rookie, D2, 46/65 Divisions will be that if the staff support, facilities, and support structure meet minimum requirements, tournament rights would be awarded to the highest dollar bid. The Host shall provide practice fields at acceptable facilities as well as pre-game warm-up areas adjacent to the playing fields for all teams. The Tournament Director will coordinate the solicitation of teams and present them to a committee set by the State Director to populate the brackets. The Host shall provide ample parking space near the park for the anticipated attendees at no additional charge to include VIP parking for the tournament workers, team managers, umpires, Dixie Youth Officials, and special guests. The Tournament Director will approve the assignment procedures for all the practice facilities, and practice field assignments will not be made until the Managers Meeting. 10U District Champions 2019. Renew Franchise. Local radio/television personalities work well in this position. Patriotic and spiritual emphasis should be given to all activities during the week. Rookie AA - Each district may send up to two (2) teams 8 and under in addition to two host teams. Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball - Powered bySportsSignUp Play 2022 DRESS CODE UpdatedMonday February 21, 2022 byALDYB. Each District Director will select one (1) District Umpire Coordinator to conduct their Districts UTP workshops. The State Director shall vote only in the case of a tie vote.
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